With intimate understanding of our customers’ IT operations, OPUS’ services extend to Enterprise Integration Solutions. Although this is project-based, OPUS’ commitment remains steadfast in subscribing to reliable services and excellence in delivery. Our Enterprise Integration Solutions include:

  • IT Networks

    An efficient office is one with a good, secure and reliable network. At OPUS, companies tap on our expertise to design, build and implement all forms of computer network infrastructure. As a valued partner of CISCO Networks, OPUS delivers advanced technologies in areas such as secure Local Area Networks (LAN) / Wide Area Networks (WAN), wireless networks and IP Telephony systems. With solutions from Cisco Networks and other best-of-breed solutions, OPUS provides integration know-how and project management expertise.

  • IT Systems

    To streamline resources and increase productivity, our clients leverage our server virtualisation services. With OPUS, companies consolidate and save cost by reducing the number of under-utilised physical servers with a controlling server to manage across different platforms. We also provide migration services for operating systems supported by legacy hardware onto a virtual server for better cost-savings and efficiency.

  • IT Relocation Services

    As IT professionals, we know the importance of data and IT assets. Any hitches or delay would result in financial loss. With a wealth of IT experience, we make IT relocation a smooth transition with assurance that systems-integrity is maintained.