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Singapore; July 15, 2009, - OPUS IT Services Pte Ltd, a leading IT services and solutions company based in Singapore, is pleased to announce a concluded proof of concept exercise towards the ASEAN Community 2015 by using a collaborative technology (Web 2.0) between Methodist Girls’ School in Singapore and their twin-school, Raffles International Christian School in Indonesia.

The objective of this proof of concept is to promote and enhance cultural understanding among ASEAN schools through use of collaborative technologies (Web 2.0) where it helps to work towards the aim of the ASEAN Community 2015 in seeking to forge a common identity and build a caring and sharing society which is inclusive and where the well-being, livelihood, and welfare of the peoples are enhanced.

OPUS IT Services together with the support from their valued partners completed this proof of concept by the setting up two sets of Video Conference Systems and Interactive Whiteboards allowing the students/teachers from the Methodist Girls’ Schools and Raffles International Christian School to interact and exchange ideas as if it were, face-to-face. This exercise also attests to the fact that students across the region can make use of this technology to share academic subject matter content and undertake projects spanning geographical boundaries.

“This effort is about twinning, exchange, and a forerunner to reaching out to the communities among ASEAN countries” – Mr Gary Tan, Principal, Raffles International Christian School.

“OPUS has a long established partnership with IBM initially as a subsidiary and now as an independent privately-held company providing outsourcing resources.

We are strengthening this partnership with IBM in this ASEAN community integration effort.” – Mr Charles Fan, Chief Executive Officer, OPUS IT Services Pte Ltd

“Being able to connect in this globalised world is so critical for the young. This meaningful collaboration is a wonderful opportunity to widen the horizon of our girls and to provide them with the opportunity to contribute to the larger community” – Mrs Shirleen Ong, Principal, Methodist Girls’ School

This exercise is only a beginning where a consortium of partners is involved towards the ASEAN Community Integration by 2015.


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