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OPUS IT Services Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of OPUS IT Services Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

In October of 2007, the company was incorporated in Kuala Lumpur – West Malaysia, and has since replicated OPUS Singapore’s successful business models to extend service provisions and support to clients who have regional offices or subsidiaries here as well.

Within just a few years of operations, OPUS Malaysia has grown and thrived with an able team of about 30 IT Professionals, providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to various multi-national companies.

The products and services that we offer include:

Resource Contracting

In today’s fast paced business environment, companies find it challenging to hire dedicated IT professionals capable of handling complex and specialized tasks. In this context, IT Resource Contracting Services Providers assume an important role by supplying skilled manpower essential to companies. As Singapore’s leading IT services provider, OPUS IT leverages or its expertise and experience to deliver the right solutions at the right time for Malaysian businesses.

Our custom-solutions are designed to meet the unique staffing needs of clients. We supply specialized skill-sets that are essential to the smooth functioning of any company. We understand that companies have to plan their human capital budget such that they enjoy cost competitiveness without compromising on the quality of manpower. We provide resource contracting solutions that not only ensure that your operations are in capable hands but also keep you competitive on the cost front.

Planning your manpower resources is one thing but sourcing for the right candidates for the task is a different challenge altogether. With OPUS IT as your IT services provider, you have one thing less to worry about. We provide you with well-trained manpower that skillfully supports your business operations.


A talented workforce is the biggest asset of any company. It is crucial that the company invests in employees who can contribute to its growth and help it realise its vision. We help clients meet their IT staffing needs by providing customized placement solutions.

We understand how important it is for companies to fill up their open positions as quickly as possible. Without optimum staffing, operations can suffer and it can become difficult to take up new opportunities. To avoid this, companies must act quickly and tackle staff shortages in the shortest possible time. OPUS IT assists companies in meeting their recruitment targets effectively.

We assume the responsibility of screening candidates and recommending the ones that have the best job fit. The decisions we take are based on a clear understanding of the profile you desire. We then tap into our resources and wide network to provide you with the candidates that fit your requirements.

Candidate screening is an extensive process at OPUS IT. We understand that an ill-informed decision on our part can have far-reaching effects for our clients. We leave no stone unturned in evaluating candidates based on their qualifications, previous job experience, strengths and expectations. Following this, we sort our candidate pool and refer them to clients.

As a specialist IT services provider, OPUS IT has the expertise and experience to deliver high value to clients. We follow the highest standards of professionalism and work ethics. We believe in forging sustained harmonious business relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Staffing Solutions

The right staffing levels contribute to optimum productivity and ultimately organizational growth. With full-time equivalent (FTE) resource planning, companies can decide on the staff numbers and total skill hours required for different departments. This also affects decision making, processes and of course, budget allocation. Our solutions aid clients in contracted FTE management, enabling them to make better decisions and plan for future needs more efficiently.

Dynamic and Flexible Service Provider

OPUS IT is a dynamic service provider, keeping pace with the changes in the IT industry, and adapting to the new requirements of our clientele. We understand how critical it is to monitor and tweak our processes and strategies to meet emerging trends in the IT sector. Our flexible operations and vast experience enable us to meet future challenges without any difficulty.

We work closely with our clients to create a synergetic relationship and a win-win solution for both parties. All our efforts are directed towards not only matching client expectations, but exceeding them as well. To this end, we scrutinize our operations constantly to add improvements and more value.

Our HR Resource Fulfillment & Management Framework covers the strategic, tactical and operational needs of our customers. We ensure that our clients’ IT resource needs are continually being met while training, developing and preparing our employees for future projects.

We strive to assist clients achieve optimal productivity and performance through the best use of manpower resources. We are committed to providing quality services and ready to go the extra mile to meet the most demanding client needs through our resource contracting solutions.

Contact Centre

Companies looking to deploy their internal IT contact centres or helpdesks have to make calculated decisions to justify their investment. In the present volatile business landscape, it has become all the more imperative for companies to take the plunge after careful consideration, and partner with a service provider who can offer customized solutions. Our services offer companies the infrastructure and facilities they need to run a successful contact centre and realise a strong ROI.

Some of the questions we address to exceed client expectations include:

  • How can the contact centre deliver optimum value?
  • How can maximum productivity be ensured?
  • How best can the centre be managed?
  • What is the level of cost competitiveness that the client can enjoy?

We use our knowledge and draw from our experience to provide companies with tailored solutions that best match their needs. Contact us today to find out more!


Malaysia Office:

OPUS IT Services Sdn Bhd
(Member of CCAM - Customer Partnership Management & Contact Centre Association Malaysia)
Company Registration No: 793073-M

Block 3B, Level 20, Unit 7,
Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Main Line: +603 2633 2238
Fax:+603-2272 4199


For Malaysia IT Services enquiries, please call +603 2633 2238