Brochure | FAQ

1. What is OPUS Flexi Plus?

OPUS Flexi Plus is a credit-based, stored-value service plan which gives you the flexibility of having our IT Support Specialists manage your day-to-day IT related problems.  This is done through the phone via our helpdesk or if required, through remote access or an onsite visit by an OPUS engineer.  The concept is similar to pre-paid card usage.

2. How much does it cost?

- Minimum Flexi Plus Package –  1000 credits at S$1100.

3. How do I sign-up?

Kindly contact our Sales Representatives to sign up @

-      Telephone:  6842-7600

Scope and Operations

4. What are the support hours like?

Mondays to Fridays, 0900 - 1800hrs, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

5. What is the response time for OPUS’ engineer to attend to my IT problem?

OPUS is committed to respond within 4 to 6 hours.

6. What if the hours of support required is outside the stated support hours?

Currently, only office hours are covered under the Flexi Plus package. Kindly contact our Sales Representatives to discuss other requirements.

7. What if I need to cover other scope? E.g. I have a UNIX/Sun Solaris?

Kindly contact our Sales Representatives to discuss other requirements.

8. Can my subsidiary or associated company utilize the credits?

The individual subsidiary or associated company will need to pre-register for this at the point of package purchase and this has to be mutually agreed between OPUS and the Customer.

9. Can I extend this to my branch office and/or subsidiary in Johor or Kuala Lumpur?

“OPUS Flexi Plus” is only applicable for companies operating in Singapore (main-land). For regions outside mainland Singapore, kindly contact our Sales Representatives.

10. Do I get charged for a call to helpdesk, if the agent is not able to resolve the problem and instead, dispatches an onsite support personnel?

If the Helpdesk agent manages to resolve the reported incident, a helpdesk case will be charged; if the Helpdesk agent is not able to resolve the problem and an engineer is required to be dispatched onsite, only the onsite/remote case will be applicable and the credits charge from the helpdesk call will not apply.

11. What if the time is less than 3 hours, will I be charged lesser?

No, it will still be charged on a per case basis.

12. Other than phone support, is there any other avenue to log a ticket like through email or fax?

 Cases can be logged through phone calls or emails.

13. How would OPUS be aware of my company’s server and network environment?

For first time Flexi Plus Customers, OPUS will charge a one-time fee to perform an onsite assessment to determine the company’s servers and network environment. OPUS will review the current available documents including:

A)   Site Information

B)   No. of PCs/Notebooks

C)  List of software installed

If no documentation is available OPUS can prepare the documentation for a minimal fee.

14. Can I schedule an appointment for the engineer to come onsite via the helpdesk (no over the phone assistance required)? Will any credits be deducted for this?

In this case, only the Onsite rates will apply.

15. Do you provide a hotline number to call?

Yes, a hotline number is given to customers of Flexi Plus.

16. What if OPUS cannot resolve the problem when the engineer is dispatched onsite? Will my credits still be deducted?

Yes, credits will still be deducted.  The maximum troubleshooting time accorded for an issue is up to 3 hours per case.  We will resolve the problem or a workaround solution will be provided at the end of 3 hours with the exception of cases involving third parties e.g. hardware issue or escalation to other vendors.

17. Must I choose a maintenance plan? Is it necessary at all?

A maintenance plan is recommended, as 95% of all IT issues are due to the lack of any form of maintenance done on IT equipment. One of OPUS’ objectives for the introduction of this plan, is to help companies reduce IT issues that may hamper productivity and work flow as well as increase costs, by doing last minute repair or rectification to IT issues/equipment.

18. What happens if there is an IT incident that occurs during the scheduled monthly maintenance?

In this case, OPUS will charge the incident as a separate case.

19. What if the issue is a hardware issue that requires parts to be replaced?

In this case, OPUS will on best effort basis advise our customer on the parts to be replaced and arrange for OPUS personnel to go onsite for the next scheduled appointment. Please note that repeated visits for hardware replacement/reinstallation/reconfiguration will be charged accordingly.

Alternatively, the customer can choose to engage OPUS or their authorized partner(s) to perform the purchase on the customer’s behalf, and replace the parts*.

Time spent for purchasing and replacing of parts*, will be charged separately.

 *Subject to parts availability

Service Levels

20. What if I require a better response time?

OPUS has other support services to cater to higher demands.  Please discuss your requirements with our Sales Representative.


21. How do I track the credits inventory?

OPUS provides a report on the number of remaining credits on a monthly basis.

22. Can I get a refund for unused credits?

Unused credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

23. Can I carry over the un-utilized credits beyond the 1 year validity?

Yes, unutilized credits can be carried forward for additional 3 months only if customer purchases an additional Flexi Plus package before expriy of unutilized credits. Un-utiized credits will be added to the new puchase credits and will be prioritised for deduction for any subsequent support request.

24. If the credits are fully utilized and a problem occurs before I can complete my internal procurement process to purchase more credits, is there any other temporary charging mechanism?

OPUS strives to provide un-interrupted service for our customers.  In this instance, our Helpdesk Agent will provide the estimated credits required with the subsequent acknowledgement by the customer for the work done.  OPUS will then follow-up with an invoice after 7 days. Customer shall pay the amount on each invoice within thirty (30) days upon receipt of the invoice.

OPUS encourages our customers to purchase addtional / top up our Flexi Plus credits in advance when credit runs low to avoid occurrence of such scenario.

25. How do I check on how many credits I have used and whether I have any balance credits?

OPUS provides a monthly report on the credits utilized. Customers can also choose to call our helpdesk to check on their balance credits at no cost.

26. Who is the authorized party to call the helpdesk?

The customer is required to identify two (2) points of contact that are authorized to call the helpdesk and utilize the credits.  The names, contact numbers (fixed and mobile) and email addresses of these contacts must be registered with OPUS at the point of signing up for the service.